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VXI-MXI-2 missing in resource manager

I have a VXI-MXI-2 and I configure the A16 write posting to enable. After that i can not work with VXI-MXI-2.
When resman run, it found a instrument at address 1 but got a Generic I/O error on VXI D16 peek.
I try to set all jump status to default and set the U35 Restore Factory Configuration to Yes. it is the same.
How do i fix this problem?
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My Friend.


            I understood your frustration totally. I got the same problem. There is not much you can do about it. Probably you won’t like my solution either. It is very painful experiences. Are you ready? Here is the solution.


                        Reinstall all of your software.


                        Yes, Reinstall it. The whole thing, LabVIEW, Drivers, and etc. But you must uninstall first.


                        If it does not work, change the computer.


                        The system should run and found the device. It may takes you a couple of days to do it. But it should work.


                        I ran into this issue a few times. Every time I end it up uninstall and reinstall every thing. And it runs without any problems.



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