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I checked and VXI 2.1.1 is very very old driver and I could not find any information about specific to that driver, I am not sure but I think that the newer version of VISA is not compatible. We can downgrade ther version of VISA and check it. Also I am curious what Operating System you have, as 2.1.1 is compatible with Windows 95. Here is the document that talks about it.

Nikhil A
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I had similar problem with my system, upgrading ni-visa drivers helped, (my operating platform is windows xp).  I also found the test panel in max very helpful with exploring the communication with my vme cards (you need to know the specific commands though).   It does appear that max is recognizing your hardware though.  If you have a manual for you custom cards that outlines command hierarchy and specific commands I recommend trying a few simple commands here and then moving on.  This was my approach to my problem, and then I moved to labview and used the Intrument I/O assistant to create a vi for each specific command.  This part was a bit tedious as you have to get a command working and then create a sub vi from the I/O assistant tool.  By expanding the I/O assistant into a sub vi you can edit it's properties i.e. changing a specific sampling frequency into an input and so on.  The I/O assistant throws a lot of extra stuff into the sub vi,( I'm not sure what all of it is, but it works).  This approach might not be the best or easiest but it worked for me, I now have a whole library of vi's for my hardware with all the functionality top level accessible.

good luck,

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