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VXI-8340 & MODID register

Is the MODID register for the VXI-8340 implemented as defined by the VXI-1 2.0 specification (i.e. at offset 0x8 of the board's configuration register space)?  All I read from that register is 0x0, regardless of what is written.  There are two boards in my chassis - the other in slot 5.   If the MODID register is not there, where can I read the status of the MODID lines?
I do not have any reason to suspect that my VXI-8340 is mis-behaving - it discovers boards correctly when using Resman.  I am trying to use along with a VISA session opened from MAX to debug another hardware problem.
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The specifications for the VXI-8340 are the same as the VXI-MXI-2 so all of the VXI features remain the same as noted in the Upgrading from VXI-MXI-2 to VXI8340.  Are you attempting to read from the MODID register of the VXI-8340 or the other card in the chassis?  Also a good way to troubleshoot and debug reading and writing to the VXI-8340 is to run NI-SPY which will capture all of the data passed on the bus and display any errors in red.  The article Performing a Good NI-Spy Capture for Debugging/Troubleshooting  describes how to do the spy capture.

Daryl E
National Instruments
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I'm reading the MODID register on the VXI-8340 (A16:D16 offset 0x8)

The A16 registers read as follows
0x0 : 0xFFF6
0x2 : 0x00D1
0x4 : 0x600C
0x6: 0x0000
0x8: 0x0000
0xA: 0x4B80

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