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Upgrading MXI to MXI-2

We want to upgrade a system from MXI to MXI-2. There 4 slot0 MXI cards installed. The computer is a 486 (90Mhz) with Interactive Unix. The device drivers were designed in-house and will be re-used. I need to compile a list of all tasks to implement the upgrade.
Can you give some advice?

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Hi tripfour,

Upgrading from MXI to MXI-2 should not be too complicated. The first obvious change is the hardware itself. When you upgrade from an AT-MXI system to a PCI-MXI-2 system, the MXI boards are the only hardware you need to change.

Additionally, you will need to upgrade your NI-VXI driver software to a version that supports the MXI-2 hardware. Existing instrument drivers and VXI or VISA based programs created for VXI/VME instruments and MXI should be compatable with MXI-2. You can download the latest VXI drivers at http://www.ni.com/support/vxi/drivers.htm.

If a driver does not exist for your operating system, it may be possible to use the PCI-MXI-2 Driver Development Kit to create a driver. For more information on the MXI-2 DDK, please review Know
ledgeBase 0ZGBL6SR: What is the PCI-MXI-2 Driver Developer Kit? at http://ae.natinst.com/operations/ae/public.nsf/fca7838c4500dc10862567a100753500/8c735ed82fa921a9862564d7006143fe?OpenDocument.


David Shatila
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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