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The driver of the national instrument VXI DIO-128 not recognize the NI DAQ 6.8 and don't work in the Labview 6.i

Whem i'm installing the nivxd128.exe driver, it show a list of components that are required to function properly. But it indicates that the NI DAQ is too old or not recognized.
The NI DAQ 6.8 were install together with Labview 6.i.
So, I can't even use the initialize.vi for the DIO128.
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I would try reinstalling the NI-DAQ driver. Either try installing it from the LabVIEW 6i CD or download 6.9 from the web. The DIO128 driver is proably just not finding the correct files. I have seen this warning before and had the drever work just fine.

Another option is to just program the VXI-DIO-128 with NI-DAQ. You can just use the LabVIEW DAQ vi's.

Another thing to do is make sure that the VXI-DIO-128 is recognized in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). You should also run the test panels.
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