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Symbios Logic SCSI Configuration Utility: Boot Choice?

I have a VXIpc-872 Slot 0 Controller that was recently repaired by NI.  In the course of the repair, the BIOS was upgraded from v1.0 to v2.06 and the Symbios Logic SCSI Configuration Utility was upgraded from v1.10 (4.11) to Symbios PCI SCSI Configuration Utility PCI-4.16.00.


This new version of Symbios SCSI utility does not allow me to edit the Boot Choice parameter under Device Properties.


Anyone have any suggestions on how to enable this choice?


I use an external SCSI chassis with hard drive and CD ROM drive.  I need to be able to boot from the hard drive and CDROM.  Current configuration will not let me boot from the CDROM.  I could do all of this under the old versions...



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Hello Jaley,


I have not been able to get ahold of hardware to test this out, but in searching, I found a KB that seems to indicate that this may not be as straight forward as we are expecting it to be.  Take a look at this KB and let me know what you think:




It seems like there are a couple extra steps that might need to be done to make this possible.  Is there a chance that you went through some of these steps before and you just need to go through them again now that you have a fresh install?  Let me know if that helps and I will keep trying to get a definite answer.


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Scott G.
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Hi Scott,

I have done some internet searching and found a few postings that lead me to think that version PCI-4.16.00 has some bugs inherent to what I am trying to do.  The postings recommend upgrading to at least version PCI-4.19.00.


Does NI provide these types of downloads or can you advise where to find it?


I have not had any luck finding downloadable updates by searching the internet.





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All of NI's available VXI drivers are located on an FTP site here:



For your controller, you will want to use this folder:



I think the two folders you would be interested in here are going to be bios and peripherals.

Scott G.
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National Instruments
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Looking through the ftp folders, most of the driver info is geared to Windows 2000.  I am running NT.  If the controller is looking for Win2000 drivers and I am using WinNT, does that make enough difference to cause the problems I have?


Also, do the various BIOS versions include the SCSI Configuration Utility and if so, how can we tell which version comes with which BIOS version?





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Whole discussion is quite good one.

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The ASPI8XX.SYS driver utilizes a period out instrument to identify certain blunders. At the point when the driver issues a summon to a SCSI gadget, a clock is begun. In the event that the clock lapses before the order finishes, the driver accept something has turned out badly, and finds a way to recoup. The default for this choice is 10 seconds, if the gadget is BIOS controlled. On the off chance that the gadget isn't BIOS controlled symbios logic drivers, the default is 0 seconds. Additionally, non-unpredictable memory settings can adjust these defaults. The most extreme setting is 0, which is no time-out. The scope of suitable esteems is 0-65535 seconds.

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