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Suppress the "Found New Hardware Wizard" for VXI-836x

Suppress the "Found New Hardware Wizard" for VXI-836x

We're writing an installer for a complex test system running XP SP-3 and trying to eliminate as much manual intervention as possible.


Currently, although we can install NI-VXI 3.5.2 silently, after the system reboots, the "Found New Hardware Wizard" starts running for each VXI-836x card in the system.


nivvgl.inf is already in the C:\WINDOWS\inf folder, so I thought that would provide a silent installation, but it is not.


Is there any way to have the cards installed without having to press any keys?



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Re: Suppress the "Found New Hardware Wizard" for VXI-836x

When you start your system with a new card, Windows needs to associate the VXI driver with the correct bus and module. This is why it must launch the Found New Hardward Wizard, which is not specific to a certain driver or product. Users on Microsoft Windows forums have discussed this same issue and Microsoft has some documentation on disabling the wizard as well. Hopefully you can find the information you need, but please let us know if your issue is unresolved.

Jake H | Product Marketing - Precision DC
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