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Resman multiple errors

My station has four 1261B VXI chassis and one VXI6021.

All of sudden, the following errors occur repeatedly and irregularly whenever the Resman runs.

- VXI A24 address allocation error on bus 0.

- More than one device in frame 32 slot 0.

- Logical Address 85 did not respond to the Read Protocols.

- Logical address conflict. 11 and 12 in logical address 41.

First 2 errors occur without any change, but other errors have the Logical Address number changed.

Replaced VXI-MXI cables and Slot 0 controllers, but same errors occurred.

In the NI MAX, yellow exclamation mark and red X mark are shown, Frame disappears, and logical addresses are changed randomly.

I suspect the PCI-MXI card or software issue, but am not sure.

It's badly bothering me. Please advise me.

VXI issue.jpg

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