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Resman has fatal errors when run from start menu

I have a VME chassis connected to my computer via an NI MXI-2 bus.  When I run resman out of MAX, it works fine.  When it automatically runs on startup or when I run it from the start menu, it bombs out with a windows fatal error.  This has happened for years, on multiple different computers.  This isn't a huge deal, so I haven't investigated it before.  Is this a known bug?  Is there a way to fix this annoyance?  I'm running latest driver versions of everything, although the VXI driver has remained static for quite some time from NI.
I just discovered the different operation today - start menu vs. in MAX.  I think it may be a clue...
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This is somewhat of a known issue.  Take a look at the following KB:

Chad B. » National Instruments » ni.com
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