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Resman error: VXI A24 address allocation error on bus 0

When we execute resman.exe on our test system the following error occurs:

VXI A24 address allocation error on bus 0

We have the MXI Controller configured the same as other systems and our configuration is a pc and two VXI chassis. Anyone have any ideas on what could cause this error?

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Hi Jim,

I do not immediately know the solution to the problem you are seeing, but have a few troubleshooting suggestions:

1. Check the pins on all of your MXI-2 connectors.  If the cable has damaged pins which cannot be bent back to place, you will want to replace the cable.

2. Try a single VXI chassis, and then the other.  If the problem occurs with each chassis individually, then it is likely an issue with the PC or cabling.

3. If the problem only occurs with one of the chassis in step 2, remove all instruments from the chassis and try running resman again.  If this solves the problem, add your instruments back one at a time to isolate which instrument could be causing problems.

4. If the problem occurs with both chassis in step 2, do you have another PCI-MXI-2 that you could try?

Let us know the results of your troubleshooting, and we'll be happy to help you out further.

Jason S.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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