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Recommended VXI drivers for Windows 7

I am upgrading a test station from Win XP using TestStand 3.1, CVI 7.1, and LabView 7.1 to Windows 7x64 TestStand, CVI, and LabVIEW 2012.  The interface to the test station is VXI-USB and GPIB-USB-HS.  I currently use DAQmx 8.6.1, VXI-3.5.1, and NI-488-2 v2.3. 


What are the recommended versions of DAQmx, VXI, and NI-488 for Windows 7?

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Hi Gary@B,


The newest version of NI-VXI (3.8.1) should work fine with your controller. You can check this KnowledgeBase for the compatibility information of NI-VISA with certain controllers (its a few months out of date). NI-VXI includes NI-VISA and MAX and should be sufficient for programming your system. If you would like any other drivers for any reason, such as your using a PC to access your VXI system, the newest drivers should work fine.



Jason M.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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