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RESMAN assigns all programmable interrupters same IRQ

I have a NI GPIB/VXI-C controller in default configuration (SLOT-0/resource manager) in a RACAL jumperless VXI chassis. 
At boot the RESMAN runs detects all of my STATIC CONFIG PROGRAMABLE INTERRUPTER's but assigns all of them the same IRQ7.  On my previous controller each instrument (a series of CUBIC VXI Rx'rs) were each assigned a different IRQ.  I need this due to the fact I have multiple VME PPC SBC's acting as interrupt handlers in the system each servicing different interrupters.
Thus far NI support has not been of any use and I am getting desparate.  If anyone else in the community has experienced this please let me know.
Also, I have the same problem in my PCI-MXI2 systems.  I have to deliver more than 20 of these systems in a couple of months and really don't want to identify, procure, and integrate a new controller at this late date.
Please help.
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