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Problem under Windows 2000

I use a application under Windows 3.11 with a card PCI-MXI-2 and NIVXI, I want to use this application under Windows 2000 with a same configuration (PCI-MXI-2, NIVXI etc) but I have a problem when I launch my application.
I have a same error message under 3.1 and 2000.
Under 3.1, I launch vxiinit, resman and my application works, under 2000 resman works but I don't have vxiinit so I suppose that I can't initialize my card so my application don't works.
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As I noted in my answer to your related question earlier, vxiinit is no longer required with recent versions of NI-VXI. The functionality of vxiinit is performed automatically by the driver, so you don't need to worry about running vxiinit.

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