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POSIX interface to MXI driver?

Are there any interface details published for lower level access to the MXI driver? i.e., using open/mmap/ioctl rather than the nivxi library? Specifically, I'm using MXI-2 and Solaris, but I'd expect the information is pretty consistent across the different supported unix variants.

This is the first project we've done using an MXI controller rather than a VME SBC, and it's worked well for most of our devices. We don't use most of the nivxi library, essentially just enough to map an address range and then we use direct pointer dereferencing from there on. We have a few serial devices that we had to choose PCI solutions for rather than the VME devices we usually use, because there doesn't seem to be a way to write a proper kernel level serial driver.

It's water under the bridge for this project, but it's something I'd like to know in case we choose this solution again.


John Koleszar
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You may want to take at the NI VXI User manual. It discusses some of the lower level bus calls that you had mentioned in you post. Pay attention to section 1-6 and the VXI function calls that follow. I hope this helps!



Shea C
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