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First let me explain my system setup:

We have two Dell PowerEdge T710 Servers, running Red Hat Linux 5.6, with NI-VISA 5.0 Software drivers (each machine has a PCIe GPIB controller card in it).


We are looking to install VXI cards into each machine and these machines only have PCIe slots in them.


After reading the description for 777119-084, we thought we had a solution in that product. We assumed that the "half-size" in the description meant low-profile. So in which case we purchased two of these cards along with a PCIe->PCI adapter from StarTech.


Needless to say, the cards arrived and they are full-height.


Can someone please provide me with options for a VXI Controller Card that we will be able to use with our setup?


The only option we see is to buy an additional chassis to put in our rack, which would allow us to use PCI cards.



Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


- Darin

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Just to clarify on the issue we're having (as I might not have been clear in my initial posting), it's that our machines only have PCIe slots and I don't see that NI sells PCIe VXI Controller cards that work with Linux (Red Hat 5).

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Accepted by topic author DarinM

It looks like we have 7 different options for VXI controllers and this is the only one that supports the PCIe platform. However, the operating system is confined to Windows. The latest NI-VXI driver for Linux supports MXI-2 and the VXI 870 series only.

Jake H | Product Manager
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Thank you Jake for the reply. I kind of figured that might be the response... we'll probably just go with a couple of the PCIe to PCI expansion systems in order to make use of the PCI VXI Controller Cards that we received.


Thank you.



- Darin

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