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NImax & Resman errors at Windows 2000 login

We have a system with a NI VXIpc 872B controller installed in a Tektronix Intelliframe VXI chassis. The controller is running Windows 2000. Via NIMax, we have set things up such that Resman is executed one time at system boot. When booting after a power-up, if the user logs in too quickly when presented with the Windows login prompt we get Resman, MXS, or nimax errors. When this occurs, the only way to recover is to reboot the controller. If the user waits 10 to 20 seconds before logging in (I assume that Resman/NIMax is executing during this time), no errors occur. Does anyone have any ideas about what may be causing this problem and what we can do to resolve it? We would like to make it such that the user can log in immediately without any problems.
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Could you list some of the errors that you are seeing? I've been playing around with this and can't seem to reproduce this behavior.

Craig H.
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This is the error that we usually see:

In a pop-up window:

"VXI Resource Manager failed due to the following"

and resman.exe hangs - does not complete execution and terminate as it normally does.

After this error, any application calls (LabWindows/CVI 6.0 application) to the nivxi library function "InitVXIlibrary()" fail with an error return of 0xffffffff (-1). The only cure is to reboot the system.

Additionally, the two red LEDs at the top of the VXIpc-872B controller ("Failed" and "SYSF") are illuminated.

The version of the NI-VXI driver software that we are currently running with is 3.2.1.

The "Resource Manager Delay" field under the "Settings" tab of the "VXI System 0 Properties" window of the MAX Explorer app was originally set to "5". We changed the value to "0" and this seemed to help quite a bit, however we still see occasional failures.
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Hi dannic,

Does the person logging in have administrative rights? I have seen these types of errors when users without administrative privileges try to run Resman. Try logging in quickly as an administrator and see if the same thing happens. If not, we can try to find a way to allow the user to run Resman without administrative privileges.

Applications Engineer
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Yes, the user account does have administrative rights. I believe that I have also seen errors when logging in too quickly as Administrator. I just installed the latest version (3.3.1) of the NI-VXI driver software, and I updated the Windows 2000 to Service Pack 4 - I haven't seen any problems yet, but I will let you know if I see any.
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