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NI MAX not recognizing VXI ex2500A. Fails to Auto Detect Devices. Fails to save VXI devices when manually entered.

Background. I am setting up NI MAX, NI VISA, NI VXI, and Keysight Connection Expert on a LAN. I have successfully done this on two other identical test sets. This particular test set, is identical to the other two, but will not auto detect any VXI Devices. When entered manually using the TCP/IP option. The device is recognized, but it will not recognize the GPIB devices within the Chassis, when NI MAX is closed and reopened the VXI device is no longer recognized and must be added again. All devices are VXI-11 and LXI. I tried NI MAX & NI VISA 19.0, 18.0, and 16.0. All the drivers are up to date and loaded. As I said, they are identical set ups to two working systems. Also, this system did work, until the control computer was replaced and the software was reloaded. The drive is an image of a working system. All, IP Addresses have been updated. GPIB/ENET Devices external to the VXI Chassis which are working properly and discoverable. The LAN is a main control computer, connected to several test racks with VXI's and GPIBS. The Test Racks have their own computers, and NI MAX works perfectly if operated from the Rack Mounted Computer, but will not work from the control computer. 


VXI CT-400 Chassis

LXI ex2500A 

3x GPIB Devices internal to VXI Chassis



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