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My StationGlobals.ini got changed without reloading TestStand ?

The StationGlobals.ini file was overwritten by something. I use the following statement:
TS_PropertyGetValNumber (testData->seqContextCVI, ErrorInfo, "StationGlobals.PCN_Number", 0, &value);

I did not re-load TestStand and that statement worked before but when examining the contents of value, which equaled zero, I descovered that the StationGlobals.ini file was overwritten.
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The only way to overwrite the StationGlobals.ini is either manually through the Sequence Editor, running a sequence that programmatically changes the value of a Station Global variable (using an expression or the API) or by directly opening the StationGlobals.ini file (in NotePad for example) and manually changing the value of a variable. There's no other way the file could have been misteriously overwritten.

Probably another step in your sequence is changing the value before you read the value through the function TS_PropertyGetValNumber.

I recommend that you try debugging the sequence by using breakpoints, steping into your code and monitoring the global variable. This should be fairly easy to do.

If you still are unseccessful in knowing the cause of this
behavior, write back with more details of what you've done and when exactly it is happening.

Good luck!

Carlos Leon
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The StationGlobals file resides on the computer in the test station that I sometimes use.

Maybe someone else overwrote the file by accident?
We have alot of custom test station specific variables there so it would be strange for someone to accidently overwrite the file and not undo the dammage by copying a backup version to the cfg directory.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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