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Measurement and Automation displays blue circles containing question marks.

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I am using Measurement and automation explorer version 16.0.1f0. I have a VXI chassis connected and it is working fine. I can even see the chassis and it contents under Devices and Interfaces. But there is also a second VXI chassis shown which has all of the same instrumentation but there are question marks in blue circles next to each instrument. The controller for this "shadow" chassis is labeled VXI0::0::BACKPLANE. I deleted this once but it has come back. I have also seen this on other systems. Any idea what this is and how to make it go away?

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This behavior is purely cosmetic, as you've observed, and it comes from the interaction between the VXI software stack and regular NI VISA. Essentially, NI-VXI correctly sees the VXI resources and enumerates them. But, VISA also detects these resources but doesn't have enough information to properly enumerate them. So VISA creates these question mark entries, which it will also do for non-VXI hardware in the same position of being detected but not fully identified.


We do have a Corrective Action Request for this behavior, it's CAR #424859. Anyone curious could monitor future releases of NI-VISA for this CAR number to see if the behavior is ever fixed at some point.



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Cassandra Longley
Senior Technical Support Engineer - FlexRIO, High Speed Serial and VRTS
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