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How can I configure a third party VME board with A24 address space using a VME-MXI-2?


We are trying to establish communications to a Galil Motion controller with a VME interface. Galil states that they are using a A24 address scheme with A16 data space for their board.
I am confused how to configure that board in the VME chassis properly.
The base address provided by Galil is 91Fxxx, I am assuming that the lower three nibbles are the registers that I can talk to?!

How do I set the address range under the resource setting for that board?
Also, I noticed in MAX that one board shows up with a slot number unknown, one with slot #0 and this board I have set to slot #1. I assume that the unknown part is for the PCI card that makes up for the 1/2 of the PCI to VME bridge?

The VISA VIs (Register based access) returns either a bus error, an invalid offset specified or data. However, we are completely in the dark when it does return data, since the expected offset we are typing in causes one of the two errors.

Our assumption of the problem is that we do not understand how to properly configure that third party board as a resource. It has also happened that the resource manager is hanging up the PC completely. Not even CTRL-ALT-DEL works and the MXI activity LED on the NI-VME-MXI-2 board stays on during the hand up.

We would appreciate, if somebody could walk us through the configuration process, step-by-step. Specifically, please explain how to setup the base address and how the offsets relate to this on a A24 address scheme. We are completely new to the VME bus interface, so even trivial things may be unkown to us.

We have browsed NI's page and manuals for explanations, however, we could not find any answers to our questions.

We noticed a formula for an A16 board that takes the base address and adds the logical address to it plus 40hex. Do we have to do the same or something similar to the A24 board????

We also came accross an option that would allow the board (NI VME controller) to share its memory with A24 or A32 space? Do we need to enable that? What is the purpose for that?

Markus Tarin

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