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How can CVI work with the I-SCPI from HP?

I am using Labwindows/CVI to programme some modules from Agilent and the controller is the HP8491-1394 fire bus.I want to control some registered based instruments using the SCPI command.So,I installed the HP VISA and the I-SCPI,if I use HP VEE to send a "*RST" text,the device reponsed ok,but if I use CVI to viWrite the same text to the device,it reported an err said the device did not support the command.can somebody help me?thanks
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If the device is register based, then the message based operations like viWrite are not valid. I-SCPI simulates this by knowing what specific registers a given command corresponds to. The only way I know of that HP/Agilent allows you to communicate to these is by using their instrument drivers. That I-SCPI knowledge is also built into VEE, I imagine.

Dan Mondrik
Senior Software Engineer, NI-VISA
National Instruments
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