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FAiling to boot with PCI-MXI 2 card

Moving my data acquisition system to a new computer, I found that inserting the PCI-MXI 2 card prevents the PC from rebooting (it does not even start the VGA output of the graphic card).
This happens even when PCI-MXI 2 is the only card on the PCI slots (but the AGP graphic card). I have tried all the available slots in the motherboard and teh problem is the same.
I wonder if that can be an incompatibility with the motherboard , which is a MSI 745 Ultra from Micro-Star(based on MS-6561 and SiS 745 chipset).
What makes me worry is that all the PCI slots are assigned IRQ>15 (and trying to force a lower number from the BIOS apparently does not work).
The nearest thing I found in the knowledgebase is document 1BKCEUL1, where, on point 5
it is stated that if multiple PCI bridges are used on the motherboard, some PCI cards may need to run under the first PCI bridge.
Given the IRQ used by the PCI slots, may it be that this is the case and one PCI bridge is used by the motherboard to control some built-in devices (audio card), and another one for the AGP and PCI slots?
Is there a solution?
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Did you try booting with the MXI cable disconnected from the PCI MXI 2 card? This will determine if the problem is in the PC or PXI chassis. I had boot problems due to the number of PCI and PXI cards installed. Any combination of 13 or less cards I could boot but 14 or more cards the system would not boot.
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I agree with Randy, I would completely disconnect the VXI chassis and see if you are experiencing the same issues. Are you sure that you cannot reserve an IRQ in your BIOS? I agree that a next step could be to disable other non-essential devices to see if you grab a lower IRQ, such as the sound card.

I also checked and I do not see any known issues with your specific motherboard and chipset.


Andrew Mierau
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I have the same problem even in the simplest configuration with only the graphic card and the
PCI-MXI2 card in the PC chassis. The MXI cable was
unplugged from the PCI-MXI card. I am also quite sure
the card is fine, since it works perfectly when installed in another PC.

As to reserving IRQ, I tried to assign in the bios
an unused IRQ (11) to a PCI slot. But after booting with Windows 2000, I looked at the IRQ in the device manager and the card in this slot had IRQ 18 assigned,
instead of the 11 I was trying to force. So I am not sure if Windows 2000 was overwriting BIOS preferences or if the bios itself could not implement these settings.

Attilio Andreazza
I.N.F.N. Milano
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I have heard that there is some kind of problem related to Micron PCs. The problems I identified in my above response was beleived to be related to the Micron PC I was using.
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