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E1383A VXLink Kit + E1326B multimeter

This question is about HP hardware, but I think that it makes sense asking here since there maybe some NI software available as a solution.


I have an old system composed by an HP E1383A VXI ISA Card Interface (witch I have no drivers for them, and can't find anywhere, for any operating system) and an HP E1326B Multimeter on the same system that I can't have access to it.


I was able, however, to establish some sort of connection with bits and pieces of a program named EPConnect from Radisys (dated 1994) on Windows 98, but it seems that this program and drivers are for Windows 3.11 and I can't see the board any where on the device manager of Windows 98.


I also have found drivers for the multimeter board (HP E1326B) on:




but, if I can't get access to the ISA Board (HP E1383A), how can I have access to the multimeter functions?


Is there any way that I can resolve this problem?  On any operating system?  How can I have access to the ISA board and the multimeter?


As a last technical detail, I have found that I can communicate with the ISA board through:


ISA Card I/O: 0x4230

VXI Module Port Address Base: 0x8230

IRQ = 10


Using the Radisys software (I can see that the board is really there).


Any help would be very appreciated, and thank you in advance for reading,

Eng. Marco Ferra

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Hello Marco,
This is a big one!
Well, what can be done on our side is to provide you with a PCI-VXI or USB-VXI solution because ISA isn't on our catalog no more. This would allow you to control your VXI easily. I wish I could help you more, but there's no solution for your system. It is too hold!
By the way, thanks for posting here your questions (even on non-NI products :D)
You can call us and ask for direct assistance or advises if you wants to go forward.
Best regards,
BRAUD Jean-Philippe
Field Sales Engineer - Nord et Centre France
LabVIEW Certified Developper
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Oh I see. It's an old system indeed...

Can you recommend a PCI-VXI (not USB) solution to this application?
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In order to connect a computer to a VXI system, we can provide you with MXI-2 or MXI-3 solutions. Please follow this links to learn more about this "starter kit". Of course, you can purchase parts of this system only. Please give us a call if you want more informations, the french number is : 01 48 14 24 24.
Best regards,
BRAUD Jean-Philippe
Field Sales Engineer - Nord et Centre France
LabVIEW Certified Developper
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