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Code instrument for binary transfer from VX4240 using GPIB-VXI/C Slot0

The binary waveform transfer from Tektronix's VX4240 does not work together with NI's GPIB-VXI/C Slot0. According to Tektronix NI has developed a Code Instrument to circumvent this problem. Where can I get it and how does it work ?
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Hello Dalu,

In the past, National Instruments only officially supported a few Code Instruments, which are documented in Appendix B of the GPIB-VXI/C User Manual, but I did not see the VX4240 in the Appendix.

NI officially discontinued support for code instruments on the GPIB-VXI/C about 6 years ago, so you might want to consider moving to a newer VXI controller to access your device. You can find more information on our VXI-MXI-2, VXI-MXI-3, and VXI-1394 remote controller options here.

Joshua Hernstrom
PXI/VXI Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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