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Can not install VXI-MXI-2 driver under Windows XP

I have a new IBM IntelliStation M Pro PC with Windows XP Pro (but only Service Pack 1) that is having a hard time getting the VXI-MXI-2 PCI driver installed. It reports: "There was a problem installing this hardware: PCI-MXI-2 This device cannot start. (Code 10)".
Taking a look at some issues raised on the "Troubleshooting PCI-GPIB, PCI-DAQ, PCI-MXI-2, PCI-IMAQ Installation Problems" page, I have dealt with the following:
1) "PCI Bus Mastering" - originally this was turned off for both PCI slots.  I have turned both slots on, but no change.
2) PCI slots - I have tried the card in both PCI slots in this machine.
3) "More that one PCI bridge (very rare)" - my system reports two other PCI bridges: one for the SCSI interface to my hard drive and another for use of the 1394 port. Could this be the issue and what would be needed to fix it?
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NI-VXI 3.3.1 installs an older version of NI-VISA (2.6, I believe) which sometimes has problems with newer systems and results in this "Code 10."  Installing the latest version of NI-VISA (currently 3.5) should fix the problem.
Robert Mortensen
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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