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Blue screen when booting dell notebook in docking station

I have a test setup consisting of Dell Latitude C610 notebook plugged in the Dell Docking station. The PCI-MXI-2 plugged in the Docking station is connected with VME-MXI-2 in the VME64x crate, controlling VME64x cards. The apllication is running in LabWindows 5.5 and the underlaying software is NI-VXI 3.2. The system was working perfectly for half a year, but in last two months troubles began to appear. During booting up procedure, the blue screen appears with the sign: "STOP: 0x000000D1 (0XFFFFFFBF, OX00000012, 0X00000001, 0X81480086) DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". Few restarts are needed to boot succesfully and this is getting worse and worse. I saw similar problems on the discussion board with the GPIB drivers, b
ut I don't have (need) them. Also, when the notebook is not docked, it boots perfectly.
Do you have any solution to this problem? Is it possible that some other installed applications are conflicting with NI-VXI drivers? I would be very grateful for any suggestion. Thanks
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By default, the NI-VXI driver doesn't load particularly early in the boot process. If the NI-VXI driver was causing the blue-screens, the computer would more likely crash at the login screen, rather than during boot.

Of course, the drivers installed in your PC will be loaded at different moments depending on the version of Windows that you are using. However, as you mentioned above, your system used to work fine for half a year now, so most probably the blue-screens are caused by corrupted files in your computer, not necessarily files from the NI-VXI driver.

A first step to troubleshoot the system would be to uninstall the NI-VXI driver from the "Add/Remove Programs" (go to the START button>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Add/Remove Programs), turn OFF your PC
and remove the PCI-MXI-2 card. At this moment, you can turn ON your PC. If the blue-screens do not occur again, re-install the NI-VXI driver and then install the PCI-MXI-2 board. You can download NI-VXI 3.2 from our website (http://www.ni.com/support/vxi/drivers.htm). If there was a file corrupted, this will fix it.

If the blue-screens still appear, then there must be other corrupted files in your system. In this case, you should consider backing-up the information in your PC and re-installing the Operating System.

Hope this helps,

Claudia Lorente
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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