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Adding new devices with VME-MXI-2


I'm using a VME-MXI-2 with a PCI-MXI-2 board under Windows XP SP2.

In MAX (version I'm trying to create a new VME device (the ADC CAEN V550) but I cannot succeed.

This is what I did:

1) right-click on VXI System 0 (PCI-MXI-2) and select "Create new VME device..."
2) in the popup window it is possible to select

- System number (no options: only "VXI System 0" is possible)
- Pseudo Logical Address (256-511: IS THIS THE ADDRESS TO BE SELECTED WITH ROTARY SWITCHES ON THE MODULE FOR BASE ADDRESS SELECTION? I tried many combinations with no success)
- Frame (I can chose between "Frame 1" and "MXI-2 Bus 0": WHICH ONE?)
- Slot (Is this an important value or is it just a memo?)

3) Click on "Next: -> Create a new VME profile ("Manufacturer" and "Model Name"; in "Model Name" I must also type the "Model Code": WHAT IS THIS?)

4) Click on "Next" I can add "Interrupter Level", "Handler Level" and "A16/24/32 Address Range": HOW TO SET THE FIRST 2? In Address range I set the range found on the user manual: 0x00000000 - 0xFFFF0000)

5) Click on "Next" and I see that MAX is not ready to create any device since the window with the list of devices is empty.

What is wrong with what I did?

Thanks for helping.
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I suggest you follow indications found on this ONLINE DOCUMENT that explains in detail how to correctly use MAX to configure VXI and VME Devices.

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Thanks for answering but the link you provided doesn't work, coul you write it out explicitly? Thanks!
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here you go


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Actually, I found the link to be correct. Try this.
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