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AT-MXI-2 boot problem

When I run NI-PNP.exe I get the message "No National Instrument Interfaces were found" I have an AT-MXI-2 controller in a system that used to work properly.
I have verified that all hardware is working properly by installing it in another identical system.
The problem follows the hard drive. Everything works fine when I install a hard drive from another system.
I have re-installed NI-VXI for AT-MXI-2 software for DOS/windows Version 1.5 (P/N 500336B-04) by deleting and re-installing all files.
Is there any other settings, software, etc. that could be affecting the detection of my AT-MXI-2 by NI-PNP.exe?
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I it looks good, my assumption is you might have a bad sector in the hard drive. As far as software configuration is concerned you can look at this manual.
Thank and good luck with everything
Nikhil A.
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