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UML CDE: Tutorial

To get you started on working with the UML Class Diagram Editor we have created 2 small scenarios for you to make. This will help you get in the flow of working with our editor and also shows you some of the features this editor has.


Scenario 1

Create the design and application of the ‘measurement system’ on “a Pragmatic View on Object Oriented Programming in LabVIEW”

  1. Create a project from the "UML Class Diagram Project" template and give it a name
  2. Create a on the Class Diagram
  3. Create a class named “MeasurementSystem”
  4. Add attributes:
    1. SamplesToRead : Double
    2. Timeout : Double
    3. Busy : Boolean
    4. Name : String
  5. Create methods:
    1. Start ()
    2. Stop ()
    3. StartMultiple(NrOfMeasurements)
  6. Add Composition between the “Main” and the “MeasurementSystem” class.
  7. Add other classes and relations as seen in the image on this image:



Scenario 2

You converted an old project, or already created a new project in LabVIEW NXG and want to have a Class Diagram of your code.

  1. Create a new Class Diagram
  2. Drag And drop your created Items from scenario 1 onto this Class Diagram. (drag them one by one otherwise LabVIEW crashes)
  3. Change the name of a class.
  4. Change the name or datatype of an attribute.
  5. Notice the Synchronization between both Class Diagrams and the real code.


Scenario 3

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Re: UML CDE: Tutorial

I just did scenario 1 and can only say: Amazing job creating this! KUDOS!


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