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UML CDE: Release Notes

  • Fixed a small bug in renaming an attribute
  • Items on the frontpanel of a method will now be placed in a more logical location
  • Changed the method template

  • Build for NXG 3.1
  • Added a new window where properties for your attributes can be created
  • Enhanced Undo/Redo with code synchronization
  • When creating data members, they are now nicely arranged on the panel
  • Removed right click menu on nodes with NI actions
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typo's

  • Fixed a bug where changing the attribute datatype did not commit to code
  • Fixed a bug where drawing an aggregation would create an attribute when there was already an attribute of that type with and dimension
  • Fixed a bug when changing the type of an attribute, the array dimension was reset to "None"

  • This is the initial release of the Beta
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