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VI Analyzer test for Key Navigation toggle

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When a developer creates a system button on the front panel, it usually defaults to key navigation "Toggle" when Enter is pushed. Not many people realize this.  Checking for "key navigation" is also an easy thing to overlook when reusing code. Is there a VI test that can detect front panels with key navigation?

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I am not aware of a test that checks front panel controls for key navigation. It seems like it would be fairly straightforward to write. If you end up writing it, please post it to this community group and link to it from the List of Community VI Analyzer Tests page.

DNatt, NI
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This is no longer the case with LabVIEW 2013. In LabVIEW 2013 when you place an OK system button it no longer has the toggle key navigation set. This was a nice surprise to me

But if you have code from previous versions of LabVIEW or if you are still working on previous versions of LabVIEW you would need to be aware of this. I agree this would be a useful test.

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Here's my stab at this test :

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