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VI Analyzer CFG Exporter

Note: This tool only works with VI Analyzer 2017 and earlier. Later versions of the VI Analyzer use .viancfg files, which are human-readable XML, and thus do not need an exporter tool.


This VI retrieves the stored configuration in a VI Analyzer CFG File.





If your CFG file is password-protected, you must provide the correct password or this VI will generate an error.



The Items to Analyze and Excluded Tests on Items arrays contain information pertaining to the VIs being analyzed. The Test Configuration array contains the configuration of all the VI Analyzer tests on the system when the CFG file was saved.



This VI does not retrieve stored passwords for the analysis, and it does not retrieve the subVI exclusion information stored in VI Analyzer 1.0 CFG files.



If the Project-based Analysis? value is TRUE, the Stored .lvproj path and Stored target index values are provided. The Stored target index specifies the index of the value in the Targets[] array corresponding to the Target specified by the user when configuring the analysis.


This VI will work in LabVIEW 2012 or later. It does *not* require the VI Analyzer Toolkit to be installed.

DNatt, LV R&D