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List of Community VI Analyzer Tests

The following is a list of community-contributed VI Analyzer Tests:


Anti-Aliased Plots

Auto Error Handling Detect or Correct

Block Diagram Background Color

Broken VI Extended (exclude FPGA VIs)

Case Sensitive String case structures

Check Captions and Labels Match

Check for Whitespace in FP names

Check VISA read/write Synchronous mode

Check whether Tunnels use default values if unwired

Checks whether references are closed

Comparing Variants

Constant Documentation


Custom Control / TypeDef Style

Deprecated Functionality

Detect Mechanical Action

Detect Pre-Allocated Clones

Diagram Size and Position

Enum Constant Value Changes

Events that Lock Panel

Execution System Setting

Find Constant By Class Name

Find Control

Find Dynamic SubVI Calls

Find Event Structure Frames

Find Function

Find Numeric Constant Value

Find Property or Method

Find Text

Find Typedef Instances

Find Unbundle By Name

Find VI Calls

Find XNode

Fix Gray Classes

Forked Event Reg Refnum Wire

Front panel control naming convention

Front panel controls are typedefs

Front Panel Size

Inline VI Marking

In Range Exclusion

In Range and Coerce comparison mode

Key Navigation

Launch Actor Called in Pre Launch Init

Limit to single line

LVLib Usage

Merge Errors Style

Minimum Window Width

MScript Nodes

Naming Convention

Open Actor Core Front Panel Set to True

Panel Color

Poly Instance Inventory

Priority Setting

Property Node Name Format


Search and Replace

Separate Compiled

Shift Register Initialization

Subdiagram Labels

Subroutine and Not Reentrant

SubVI Owning Location

SubVIs Need Relinking

Swapped Range Inputs

Unnecessary Class Casting

Unwired Event Nodes

Unwired Event Timeout

Useless Close Reference

VI / FP execution state flags

View Cluster Constant as Icon


Feel free to add your own tests to this list as you post them to the LabVIEW community.

Active Participant
Active Participant

Follow the instructions at How to Install and Use a Custom VI Analyzer Test to install and use these tests.


Isn't there a way to download them all at once?

Rather than going through every link and download it separately

Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

Most of these tests are for specialized use cases, so they are typically downloaded one at a time as those use cases come up.

Member Member

Is there a test to check for RT compatibility?


For example, a VI that has a menu palette item should wrap it in a conditional disable structure to allow deployment on an RT target... that sort of things.

GCentral ChampionCLA
Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

There's not a single "RT Compatibility" test that I know of. However, when you install the RT module, you do get some RT-specific tests in the list: