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Improving Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer

This is the Improving Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer presentation.


The attachments include the presentation (refreshed in June 2020), demo files, and demo script.

Note 1: This presentation goes by several names. You may have seen it presented under any one of the following titles... they're all the same presentation:

  • Improving Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer
  • Inspecting Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer
  • Improving Code Quality Through Automated Code Analysis

Note 2: You can watch a recording of this presentation here.

DNatt, NI
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Thank you for the presentation material!!!  I plan to present this to our user group meeting soon.

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Great Joe, let me know how it goes, and if you have any feedback on the content. All I ask is that at some point you attribute me or NI as the original author of the content.

DNatt, NI
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Hi Darren,

This is a really great overview of VI Analyzer!


You mentioned this in the presentation, and I wanted to know if it still holds true: Do terminals inside structures (on the top-level VI) still, incur the performance penalty?

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If a control/indicator is on the connector pane of a VI, there are (small) compiler optimizations that can be done if the terminals for those controls/indicators are on the top-level diagram of the VI.

DNatt, NI
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