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Checks whether your tunnels have "use default value" set

Member StefanLemmens

Apparently this test gives incorrect warnings if an input tunnel of an event structure is unwired on the inside. It seems to be a bug in LabVIEW (???) that with this kind of tunnel the property "UseDefault" is by default set to "TRUE" which doesn't make sense for input tunnels. For a case structure this property is always "FALSE" on input tunnels but something is wrong with event structures. I would suggest to add a check to your test to see whether the inner terminal is a sink or a source. This way input tunnels can be ignored. I can't update your llb since I don't have LabVIEW 2012.


Event Structure unwired input tunnel.PNGTest Wire and Source.PNG


Best Regards,

Stefan Lemmens

Intersoft Electronics

Active Participant warren_scott
Active Participant

Thanks.  I had that fixed in my internal version but never re-posted to the group.... new version uploaded