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Checks naming convention of the VI based on a few rules (configurable):

  • leading and/or trailing whitespace on the (base) file name
  • Duplicated whitespace within the file name
  • file prefix matching -- if a bunch of files in the folder all have the same prefix "foo" (like, alerts you if this file does NOT share that same prefix
  • Checks for duplicated file names within the set of VIs we are analyzing, and also against any other folders you specify in the configuration.  Note -- this attempts to remove duplicated files that are likely part of an LVLib based on folder structure.  Did not actually open the duplicated files and/or LVLibs to check if they are namespaced by the LVLib because it takes much longer and if they are not uniquely namespaced then we will be loading duplicated file names and causing larger problems.  This will cause this check to have some mistakes in it but I have found it more useful than bad.
  • Checks for bad suffixes in the file name (if base file name ends with _COPY, _NEW, _OLD, _2, _3).  Suffixes used are hard coded, but it wouldn't be difficult to make them configurable.