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Access to the VI Analyzer Task from within a test

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I've started creating my own VI Analyzer tests.


Is it possible to access the VI Analyzer Task Reference from within the tests?


I would like to verify if all SubVI's of a VI are saved within the location(s) selected as search items in the VI Analyzer Wizard. (excluding vi.lib/user.lib,...)

Therefore I would like to access the Task Reference and then use the "VIAn Get Items VI" from the Toolkit Library.


Or is there a better way to do this?


The only workaround I see is that the user needs to configure the project folder a second time within the configuration of the test itself.




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Accepted by topic author Corinne2x
05-22-2018 05:45 AM

There is no way to access the VI Analyzer task from within a test. You will need to configure the test with the paths you want to check.


On the bright side, there is already a test that does exactly what you're describing. Check out General > File Properties > SubVI and TypeDef Locations. We made an improvement to this test in VI Analyzer Toolkit 2018 to have a checkbox to exclude vi.lib, instr.lib, and user.lib. In earlier versions, you'll need to add those paths to the list yourself.

DNatt, LV R&D
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Hi Darren


Thanks for the reply!

I was already afraid that it wasn't possible.


I'll look into the test you mentioned. However I was hoping to have a VI Analyzer config in which I wouldn't have to hardcode the project paths.




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