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The Optimal+ Community migration guide

On February 9, 2021, the Optimal+ Professional Community joined the NI Community.


If you are an Optimal+ product owner, visit the Optimal+ Professional Community.


While the NI Community looks different from the Optimal+ Professional Community, all community content, memberships, and votes were migrated. User accounts were migrated, but to protect your privacy passwords were not migrated. On your first login to the NI Community, a password reset will be required. See below for more information.


Why is the Optimal+ Community joining the NI Community?

In July, NI and Optimal+ joined forces to help customers accelerate their digital transformations in test operations. As part of this acquisition, we are combining operations and aligning our community strategies. While the platform will change, our commitment to you as our customer does not waiver.


Will I have to recreate my login when I sign into NI Community?

We included all user information, except passwords, as part of the larger migration effort. While you will not be required to create an account, a small number of account “aliases” will be modified during import because an identical alias exists in the NI Community.


Were my questions and answers migrated?

We transferred all Optimal+ Professional Community content to NI Community.


Is the Optimal+ Community be private?

Yes! While the NI Community is an open community for NI customers containing discussions, example code, and user groups, the Optimal+ area is a private sub-part of the larger community, only available to current Optimal+ customers.


What if I already had an account with NI?

If you already had an account with the NI Community, we merged the two accounts during the migration.


Will existing links work?

We installed redirects for all community content.


What should I know about the NI Community?

The NI Community launched in 1999. It has had over 550,000 participants who have created over 500,000 discussions, over 8,000 ideas, and over 12,000 documents. There are also over 500 groups gathering users around local areas and covering all aspects of test engineering. We look forward to Optimal+ members connecting to the larger NI Community. You are welcome here.


Login Guide

During the migration, if you do not already have an account with NI Community, an account will be created for you. To protect your privacy, we will not transfer your password. You will be required to reset your password on your first login. Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the “Login” or “Register” button at the top right of the screen.



  1. Select the “Forgot Password?” link.


  1. Enter the email address associated with your Optimal+ Professional Community account and select the “Continue” button.


  1. You should receive an email within minutes. Select the “Reset Your Password” button. You will be directed to the reset site. Note: the same browser must be used to request the reset and the process the password reset.


  1. Enter the new password and select the “Save” button.


  1. Finally, you will be presented with the thank you page. Select the “Continue” button to return to the login page.


  1. Fill in the “Password” field with your newly reset password. Then select the “Log In” button.


  1. Depending on your country and the information we were able to migrate, you may be required to fill in additional details and to accept the privacy policy.


  1. We will update this with the final URL to the new community when the migration is complete.