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Spam Management in the Community

Help! I made a post and it disappeared from the forums. I made the post again and again, and still it never appeared.

If this happens to you, it is possible that your post was flagged by our automatic spam system and is now in quarantine. If your post is quarantined by the spam system, a moderator will need to approve your post. It will then appear in the community as expected.

Spam is a major issue in many online communities. While it is not ideal that system occasionally has false positives, the spam system we have in place has protected our users from thousands of spam posts since it was implemented. The system learns as we identify what is spam or what is not spam, but there still may be the occasional incident in which a user's post will be quarantined by accident. Posts that may be flagged as spam often contain:

  • Domains or URLs with suspicious syntax
  • Additional or unnecessary HTML
  • Copied and pasted content from other sources or applications (such as Microsoft Word)

There maybe other content that triggers the spam system to flag your post, but in order to prevent spammers from adjusting their posts to not be detected, we can only share the general tips provided above.

If you suspect your post has been caught by the spam system, you can use the Report to Moderator function in the post you were attempting to reply to in order to notify the team of what occurred. You can also post to the Feedback on NI Community board.