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Helping Others in the Community

If you've read our Recognition and Ranks topic, you know there is value in participating in the community -- not just by asking questions, but by helping others find solutions. You may be wondering what are the best ways to interact and contribute, as well as what are some resources you can provide to other users.

Recognize the varying levels of proficiency.
Everyone is at varying levels in their proficiency with NI products, so please be patient. Respect people as individuals by keeping your tone positive and your comments constructive. We want the forums to be have an open atmosphere where new users feel comfortable seeking help.

Introduce guidelines to new members.
If you see a user struggling with proper forum etiquette or with certain forum functionality, please point them to the Getting Started on the NI Discussion Forums board. This board includes our user guidelines, basic posting tips, and more.

Provide examples.
If a user would benefit from reviewing Example Programs or Tutorials, try to find a relevant example for the issue at hand. Users new to NI products may need help finding the best codes to reference for their situation.

Teach a man how to fish.
As the old saying goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." When helping other users, don't just do the work for them. Guide them in the right direction and work together to find the solution.

Get notified of the newest questions in your area of expertise.
Find the boards for the NI software or hardware you have the most knowledge in and use the subscribe feature in the options menu.


You will receive an email every time a new question is posted. Review your Notification Settings to change the frequency of email notifications.

Use the "unanswered" filter to find topics with no replies.
Help get the discussion started on new topics by clicking on the unanswered option at the top of any forum board.


This will filter the topics to show you only those with no replies.

Look for topics with no solution icon.
Topics will have a green checkmark next to the title and a green checkmark icon at the right to indicate that is has been solved.

Look for topics without this icon help find a solution in unsolved discussions.

Be a leader.
Leadership is one of the most valued aspects of a member in our community. The LabVIEW Champions exemplify the leadership that’s helped make the community a great place to learn, lead, and grow. But, whether you’re a new user or seasoned member, we are looking to you for help shaping the forums into a valuable, informative, and enjoyable environment. Help our users become valued participants by showing them how it's done!