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Help Us Help You When Posting New Topics

If you have read our Posting Basics and Tips document and are ready to create a new topic, you may be wondering what information to provide in order to get the best help and support from other users.

Always make sure to respectfully post as much detailed information as possible in the clearest, most concise way possible. Saying “it doesn’t work” is never sufficient information.  Explain what you're trying to do, what you expect to see, and what you actually see. When posting code, ensure all that is needed to reproduce the problem is for a user to run the VI. For detailed tips on posting code, please refer to: Tips for Posting Code.

Useful information to provide in your post includes the following:
• All information necessary to troubleshoot the issue (including troubleshooting steps already attempted)
• Error number and/or detailed error message description
• An attachment containing your code in the form of a VI or ZIP

•  If attaching source code: relevant source code files *.c, include files *.h, UI files *.uir, possibly the project file *.prj or *.cws but NOT the executable)

• Applicable VI Snippets and screenshots

• Specific hardware, software, and drivers being used, as well as versions

By providing any useful information up front, you are "helping us help you”, and thus generating good feelings with your peers who will appreciate your efforts.

If you don't get the help you want:
If you posted a question and didn't get any response, or didn't understand the responses you received, do not make a new topic with the same question.  Doing this will fragment the conversation and you will have two groups of people working on the same problem.

We ask that you don’t “bump” a topic with a new post without adding more information. If a topic has gone dry, try posting new information or more troubleshooting steps you have tried. Other users will appreciate that you are attempting and willing to work towards your goal.

We also ask that you do not send private messages to a user asking a question. The discussion forums exist so users can work together to solve a problem.

When you do get the help you need:
To show recognition to other users for their contributions to the forums, you can use the Kudos and Accepted Solutions functions. On each forum post, you will see a kudos button, or if you are the topic creator, you will also see the Accept as Solution button. Read more about this here: Recognition and Ranks



Special thank you to Hooovahh and all those that contributed to the source!