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Example Programs Submission Process

What are Example Programs?
Example Programs are working examples produced with NI products that can be downloaded and utilized as a starting point for your own projects or applications. To browse and find existing example programs, written by NI employees, partners and customers visit


In the NI Community, Example Programs are first created in the Example Programs Drafts category. Users can collaborate on the documents there and request review by an NI Example Programs Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper will review the submission using the Example Programs Style Guidelines and Example Programs VI Analyzer Test Suite. When a submission is approved, it will be moved to the Example Programs category which houses all of the NI approved example programs.


How do I submit an Example Program?

Before submitting an example program, we recommend you first review the Example Programs Style Guidelines. Once you are ready, please follow the submission steps below:

  1. Click on the "Example Program Drafts" category in the community navigation.
  2. Click the "Create a Document" button.
  3. Select the "Example Program Submission" template and click on "Start Document".
  4. Complete the template with your relevant content and attach your code.
  5. Select the relevant label for your document:
    • Draft: still in-work, and will come back to at a later point to update and complete
    • Ready for Review: Ready for a Gatekeeper to review the document and attached code
  6. Click "Submit" when you are done.

For detailed information on using the documents tool, please refer to the help document here: Using Documents in the NI Community


How does my Example Program get approved?

When you submit an Example Program labeled "Ready for Review", a notification is sent to an Example Program Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper will then review your document using the Example Programs Style Guidelines.

If it is not approved, the Gatekeeper will update the label on the document with "Edits Requested" and will leave a comment on your document explaining what changes need to be made. You may then edit your document and re-submit for approval.

If it is approved, the Gatekeeper will move your document into the Example Program category and notify you that your example has been approved.

Are there Style Guidelines I should follow?
Please refer to the Example Programs Style Guidelines. These guidelines were created to promote consistency, understanding, and good coding practices for LabVIEW Examples submitted to the NI Community. These are a small subset of the guidelines that are used internally for the shipping examples across the LabVIEW platform.

What kind of things are the Example Program Gatekeepers looking for?
The Gatekeepers will be using the Example Programs Style Guidelines and Example Programs VI Analyzer Test Suite when reviewing examples. The Style Guidelines can be thought of as the minimum requirements but if you think that a particular requirement isn’t suited for your example just explain that in your submission comments.

Can I edit Example Programs created by other users?
Yes! You can collaborate on examples created by other users by clicking on the Edit button found at the top of each document. Please note that if you edit an already approved example from the Examples Program category, it will go through the approval process listed above.

What is the difference between the "Example Programs Drafts" and "Example Programs" categories?
Documents located within "Example Programs Drafts" have not yet been approved by an NI Example Programs Gatekeeper. Documents within "Example Programs" have already been approved.

I had published an Example Program in the old user group community and now I can't locate it, or it is in the "Example Programs Drafts" category. What happened to it?
Now that we have a standard template for examples, we would like all code in the Example Programs category to meet this new standard. We have a group of individuals (Example Scrubbers) who will be updating exisiting Example Program submissions to the new template. This will work will happen over the next few months, and as your example program gets updated, it will be moved to the Example Program category.