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Example Programs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Example Programs? 

Example Programs are working examples produced with NI products that can be downloaded and utilized as a starting point for your own projects or applications. To browse and find existing example programs, written by NI employees, partners and customers visit 


How do I create a new Example? 

See the Example Program Creation and Publishing Process


How what is Community Verified and how does my code receive that status? 

See the Example Programs Review process


Can I collaborate on an existing Example?  

Various users can collaborate on an example document using the Comment section at the bottom of the page.  


I previously published an example and now I can’t find it, did it move? 

All examples previously published in Example Programs and Example Program Drafts are now merged into a single Example Programs area. Merging this content into a single Example Programs area prevents users from having to navigate between different Example locations to publish and find example code. 


Why did an NI employee make changes to my code or web page? 

NI employees may make updates to an example code description or attached code for various reasons including but not limited to: 

  • Updates to meet the Example Style Guide 
  • Software version updates  
  • Violation of the community guidelines 

Why was my code removed from the community or moved to an archived space? 

Example code can be removed from the community or moved to a community archive for many reasons including but not limited to: 

  • Failing to follow the community guidelines 
  • Failing to meet the Example style guide
  • Focus on legacy or EOL products 
  • Recommending poor or incorrect coding practices 
  • Duplicating other examples that already exist in the community 
  • Failing to meet the Example Program Licensing Policy