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Example Programs Creation and Publishing Process

How do I publish or create a new Example Program? 

Before submitting an example program, we recommend you first review the Example Programs Style Guidelines. Once you are ready, please follow the submission steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the Example Code Exchange.
  2. Select Create New Example button. 
  3. Complete the New Example template using the guidance from the Example Programs Style Guide. 
  4. Select Publish to publish your example document. 

Note: Example documents cannot be saved as a Draft.  


How do I share my Example Program with other Community users?  

As soon as you publish your example it will be immediately available in the Example Code Exchange for other users in the Community to collaboration on, reuse, provide feedback and review! 


How does my Example Program become Community Verified? 

As experienced LabVIEW users, Knights of NI and LabVIEW Champions can review your Example Program and mark it as Community Verified. To become Community Verified your Example Program should align with the style guidelines and follow coding best practices. Knights of NI and LabVIEW Champions can also provide feedback on your Example Program to recommend what changes can be made for an Example Program to become Community Verified. For more information regarding the review process see Example Programs Review Process. 

Can I edit Example Programs created by other users? 
Yes! You can edit an Example Program created by other users by clicking on the Edit button found at the top of each document. You can also collaborate on an example document using the Comment section at the bottom of the page.