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Example Code Licensing Policy

This document contains the policy and frequently asked questions for licensing code submitted in the Community Code Exchange.

Can I license my code when I upload it to the NI Community?

Yes, when Example Code is uploaded to the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community, you agree to license the code pursuant to the terms of the MIT license. All code uploaded by Community members after December 17th, 2019 will be licensed with an MIT license. Code uploaded prior to December 17th, 2019 also had the MIT license applied if the author agreed to the updated licensing policy, see here for more details regarding code published prior to this date.  

What is the MIT license?

You can find the terms for the MIT license here.

What type of license can I include with my Example code?

The MIT license is the only license type supported in the Example Code Exchange. License types other than the MIT license are not supported in the Community example space. If code is uploaded with a license file type other than the MIT license you will be asked to remove the license file from the example. If the license file is not removed the example will be removed by a community admin.

Can I opt-out of adding the MIT license to my Example Code?

No, in order to publish an example in the Community Example Code Exchange you must agree to license the code pursuant to the terms of the MIT license.

Am I transferring the rights in my development to NI by uploading to the Example Code Exchange?

No, you will retain rights to your development. But, when uploading code to the Example Code Exchange you authorize NI to use the materials as set forth in the Terms of Use, which includes the rights to make changes to the materials or remove it from the website as NI deems necessary. When uploading code to the Example Code Exchange, you also make the development available for others to use under the terms of the MIT license.

Does the MIT license apply to code published in other areas of the community such as the forums or blog posts?

No, the MIT licensing policy is specific to code published in the Example Code Exchange and does not apply to other areas of the community.

Generally, code posted to the Discussion Forums is meant for troubleshooting issues and is not meant to be reused. However, in the event that you do wish to reuse another user’s code, it is recommended that if you first request permission from the user. If granted, be sure to provide a link to the original post and give credit to the author of the code as a contributor.