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Blog Owner Policies and FAQ

Blog Owner Policies

In order to ensure Blog Owners are aware of their responsibilities, and all blogs are being managed consistently, we have defined a set of policies that we expect all Blog Owners to adhere to while managing their blogs. These policies will help Blog Owners effectively manage their user group, and help ensure that all user groups remain active and high quality. 


As the owner of an NI Community Blog you must agree to abide by the following policies:

  • Your blog is subject to the NI Community Content Archiving Policy
  • You must make new posts to your blog on a regular basis. We recommend posts be made at least twice a month on average.
    • Guest posts/co-blogging are highly encouraged to meet this goal.
  • When your blog is created you must have a backlog of two months' worth of posts ready to be queued.
  • Your blog must be an ongoing sustained source of content and should not be used as a location for one-time content publication.
  • Your blog must have a specific theme or focus.
    • The NI Community will not host personal blogs with a theme of "my blog."


Blog Owner FAQ

How do I create a blog post?

  • Each blog is limited to a specified set of authors. You will need permission to post to certain blogs.
  • If you are an author of a blog, you will see a Blog Dashboard component on your blog page. Click on Start An Article to begin writing.
  • When writing a blog post, you can enter a subject, teaser, and body. The teaser text is displayed on your main blog page with a Read More link to see the full blog post body.
  • You can also add labels as a way to categorize your blog posts into major themes. Add tags for more granular categorization.
  • There are also SEO options available for editing the canonical URL, title, and description.


Can I schedule a blog post to be posted at a later date?

When creating a new blog post, select the option to Schedule Publication. You can then choose the date and time you wish the blog post to be published.
schedule.pngScheduled posts can be found by selecting View All Drafts from your Blog Dashboard.


How do I edit a draft blog post?
Select View All Drafts from the Blog Dashboard component on your blog page. Then, click on the Edit button for the post you would like to edit.

How can I add more author(s) to my blog?

Please contact with the usernames of the people you would like to add as an author for your blog.

Can I collaborate with another user on a blog post draft?
If your blog has multiple authors, when viewing all drafts for the blog you will only see the drafts you created. However, another user could provide you the link to a draft that they have saved which you can then make changes to. More than one user cannot edit a draft at the same time.

How can my blog post become featured on the community homepage?
If you would like your blog post to be featured, please feel free to contact a moderator or email so that we may review your blog post.

I have an idea for a new blog. How do I become the author of my own blog?
We always welcome new blogs to the NI Community! New blogs go through an approval process to ensure that blog owners will be committed to their readers. To start the approval process, please email to let us know what the topic for your blog and how frequently you expect to publish new content. Please also let us know if there will be other Blog Authors besides yourself.