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Adding Your NI Badges to Your Community Signature

Have you earned a badge through the NI Badge Program? Show it off in the NI Community!

If you have previously claimed your earned badges, follow the instructions below to add it to your community signature. This will display on every post that you make within the NI Community.



1. Sign in to Acclaim, the badge platform here:



2. From your dashboard, find the badge that you would like to add to your signature.

Right click the badge image and select "copy image location."





3. Login to the NI Community and click on your username at the top right, then select My Settings.





4. Next, select "Personal Information" under the "Personal" tab.



5. From this page, you can add your signature.To add the image, add the HTML for an image source.

Please note that you will want to limit the size of the image using HTML as well.

<img src="[IMAGE URL]" height="100" width="100">


6. If you want users to be able to click your badge to be taken to the Acclaim badge to verify its status, you will need the public URL. You can obtain this by going to the badge page in Acclaim, clicking on the "Share" button, and then selecting the "Share a Link" option.





7. To add this to your signature, you can use the following HTML code:

<a href="[LINK TO THE BADGE]"><img src="[LINK TO THE IMAGE]" height="100" width="100"></a>



8. After saving, your updated signature will be visible on all of your posts.