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How do you advertise your LabVIEW User Group?

I think the answer to this question is the engineering standard "It depends". It depends on what works in your region, who you are trying to attract, and what kind of user group you have. I've heard from some user group leaders that they post flyers in engineering corporations that they visit so that new people from new companies will come. This is a great tactic for a public user group (open to everyone) but probably wouldn't be preferred for account-based or academic user groups which are normally only open to select people that have access. But thankfully there are many other ways.

At the recent LabVIEW Premiere Events in America, I saw a great way to advertise local public user groups. Some events had one slide at the very end of the presentation with just a little blurb about the user group and a link to where they could find more information.

This slides especially looks great on the big screen at a movie theater but this could be thrown into any presentation that you might give to potential user group attendees. Thanks to Richard McDonell for snagging this picture from the Austin LabVIEW Premiere Event.

I have uploaded onto the User Group Resource Center (UGRC) a template slide that can be customized and put into any presentation to advertise your local user group. Awareness is the key to growing any type of user group so use this template slide if you wish but get creative with other ways to advertise.

What are some of the ways you advertise for your user group? If you use any material like flyers or slides then post them up on the UGRC so that others can see them and get inspired.

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We have a webpage with it's own forums - this gets email addresses so that we can remind people via email of upcoming meets.

We also use LinkedIn, Twitter and (to a much lesser degree) Facebook, to socially advertise our group and the upcoming meetings/announcements/news etc. Plus LinkedIn allows for polls etc., which proved useful recently when asking the group which topics they wanted to cover in upcoming meetings.

Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)

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