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Easy Challenges


Coding challenges are a great way for group members to learn from one another. Share your easy coding challenge ideas with other group leaders by adding yours below.

  • Create a VI that counts the number of occurrences of each character in a block of text and generate a histogram display of the counts. Ignore case and only count alphabetic characters (i.e. 'a' through 'z').

I've used the following challenge to help older LabVIEW programmers who think they "know" the pallettes learn to use Quick Drop.  Its especially useful if a quick Quick Drop tutorial follows the challenge.  Since this challenge requires two (or more) computers and at least one projector setup at the group meeting facility, it may not be appropriate for all user groups. 

  • Find the following subVIs and place them on your block diagram
    • Datasocket
    • Find All Zeros of f(x).vi
    • Hyperbolic Sine
    • Nonlinear Curve Fit
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