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Automate Your Reminders and Grow Your LUG!

Hey All,

I've modified a version of the Automated Office that I now use to Automate my reminder emails to my user group and add the personal touch necessary to drive attendance.

The VI basically works by automating Lotus Notes to send emails to the addresses listed in a spreadsheet you've provided. I've tried out a few methods for keeping up this spreadsheet, the one that seems to work best is combining the two following conditions:

1) The list of the previous year's attendees to the user group.

2) A list of "Prospect" LUGers I add to when I come across a good candidate member.

I highly recommend keeping a Test.txt file to send off a preliminary email to check that it looks good in Lotus & and another email client (I use gmail). It's also a good opportunity to double check typos and info.

I've attached my most recent reminder email and my own list of attendees.

Disclaimer: I didn't write the VI so I will neither take credit for it's good aspects nor support it's errors.

Thank you, have a great day.

Logan Herr

Field Sales Engineer

San Francisco & Silicon Valley West

National Instruments

c(650) 554-8615

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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